Leena Pekkalainen


    I’m Leena, and I write fantasy.

    I just finished 7 years of MA Egyptology studies at the University of Manchester so I suppose it is logical to see references to ancient Egypt in my books.

    My Nephilim Quest series runs on several historical levels, but mostly present time and ancient Egypt. Fourth book in the writing. Then there is the Space Witches – third book ready but haven’t had the time to publish it, the Creature Wars (second book in the works), Seven Shabtis (second book there too)… And a paranormal women’s fiction series Magical Midlife Detectives. At least that’s the work name for it. First book at editing stage, second book half written. Oh, and the first book Bastet Mysteries – that is something that is not yet published, and I was thinking maybe Kindle Vella… Or perhaps publishing it as a series to my newsletter subscribers on Bookfunnel (loooove Bookfunnel). I have decided to put my ammo in newsletter writing, as having a 9-5 job seriously disturbs the hobbies (read: writing).

    I write 1000 words per day at least – if I am not tied to editing anything, I try to get 10.000 words per week. If I am editing stuff, then I try to get those 7000 words written by weekend, which I devote to editing, marketing, planning etc. Still, I have other life as well so I do not have many hours per weekend to use.

    I use Plottr to pre-plan my stories, and Dabblewriter to write them (I used Scrivener but Dabblewriter is online so I can write a few sentences using my phone if I want to and often do) but I have to say those dang characters seem to have a will of their own, and they seriously disturb my premade plans by galloping off to unexpected directions and then I have to chase them down in my writing to loop them back to what I originally planned. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. But hey ho – at least I manage to catch them in the end, even if the end means I find the series veering to frontiers I never planned traveling to.

    And I have two cookies so far. ”Angel” is a prequel to Nephilim Quest, explaining how she became the villain she is in the series, and ”Matthew’s Demise” is a spinoff of Space Witches and explains how Matthew ended up in the Halfway House to the prematurely dead, run by an old angel called Anthony who loves to bake, and a demon George who tries to get rid of the creepycrawlies all over his hair, beard and body by doing good deeds.

    Leena 🙂

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by Leena Pekkalainen.