Hi I’m Juneta Key, I write speculative fiction. My primary and current project is YA Fantasy, Magic Born or Magic Cursed? series, first book Atlantis Rising supposed to be an origin story to a Apocalypic fantasy world where magic returns changing life for everyone. My first idea was to write paranormal romance in this world, but instead the origin story turned into YA Fantasy Adventure. I intended to write paranormal romance in this world, and may later on.

    I am also writing Sci-fi Fantasy Space Opera series. It is on hiatis while I focus on my YA Fantasy. I love romance, especially paranormal romance. I admit I have to put a touch a romance of some kind in anything I write, space opera, or fantasy.

    I also write mythological humor fantasy short stories–Grumpy Old being our anthologies branding series, first brand series Grumpy Old Gods. We have four out now, with a fifh coming out in April, Grumpy Old Tickster Gods.

    I need and want to create a cookie for my Atlantis project and my space opera, but I am focusing first on YA fantasy. I would like to do two if possible for YA, or at least finsih one with and idea/start of a second in this series. Looking forward to this hoping it will help keep me focused so I will get it done. (I don’t have focused cookies just general speclative fiction as flash fiction stories. Admittedly, I have not had a series out that was not short story until now, so guess it is a good time for me to to it.)

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