Trisha Messmer

    Hi all! I’m Trisha and if it shows my name as Patricia, please don’t call me that. I hate it–well, I hate being called Pat more. But that’s neither here nor there. My pen name is Trisha Messmer. I write historical romance–specifically set in the Regency era. I’ve written some contemporary romances (my first foray out of the gate which are god awful and I’m trying to ignore those). I’m working on book 4 of what will be a 5 book series.

    I see a lot of Urban Fantasy folks here but not many romance, and so far no one else writing historical romance. Fingers crossed someone else will be here. Mine are a “little” bit steamy with one on page love scene. My BFF and writing/critique partner is taking the challenge as well! This should be a blast.

    Looking forward to the challenge and getting to know all of you.