Katje van Loon

    Hi everyone, I’m Katje! (Pronounced CAT-chah. It’s Dutch for “little cat.”)

    I write Speculative Fiction — whatever subsubsubsubgenre of whatever I’m creating, it has an element of Spec Fic to it, so that’s my catch-all term.

    My two main series that have at least 1 book published each are epic fantasy and portal fantasy, and I have a bunch of WiPs within those universes and even more ideas.

    I have stuff I’m working on under pen names, too, but nothing published as of yet. Genres there are LitRPG and…something I can’t define yet, but it’s like if Urban Fantasy, Cozy Mystery, Ghost Stories, and AU Earth had a love child.

    Literally everything I write has a romance subplot. I apparently am incapable of writing something without shipping characters together.

    As for what I’ll be baking in this challenge, I’m not entirely sure yet but I know it’ll be for one of my main series. Or possibly for both of them, haha. XD