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A simple, fill-in-the-blank system for writing story-based emails that work.

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Story Sales Machine is a course + template pack created by Bill Mueller, designed to teach you how to tell captivating stories in emails.

Story Sales Machine is packed with videos, audio content, swipe files, and story ideas — plus, if you purchase with our affiliate link, you’ll get Newsletter Ninja bonuses, too! You can read more and see if Story Sales Machine is right for you by clicking the giant blue buttons on this page or by clicking here.

Story Sales Machine is just $37.

Absolutely. Although Story Sales Machine is designed for general marketing, the principles are universal — plus I’ve curated a list of fantastic bonuses to help authors adapt the concepts to their specific needs.

While I consider Bill a friend today, I found him the way any other person might — I saw one of his Facebook ads and (eventually) checked out his product.

Once I realized how great he was at his specialty — storytelling in emails — I became determined to make him my friend, and I’m happy to say I’ve succeeded. 😀

Frankly, there ‘s not enough money in the world to make me recommend something I don’t actually think is useful (and, in most cases, anything I don’t use myself).

I could try to make my own Storytelling in Email course, but why reinvent the wheel? I’ve been doing this email thing for a long time, and Bill makes me look like an amateur. 

(Plus, the affiliate payout on $37 dollars isn’t exactly gonna send me to Cabo, guys.) 

While Story Sale Machine is, in my opinion, the best resource for teaching storytelling in email, it’s geared more toward people selling products and/or courses — not toward authors.

As you all know, marketing your books as an author is just … different.

The bonuses I’m offering will help you adapt what you learn in Story Sales Machine and make it work for you.

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