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Are you sitting in front of a blank Mailerlite page again?

(*or MailChimp, or ConvertKit...)

What if there were a way to:

  • tap into a constant flow of content,
  • get your newsletter done faster (and easier!) than ever, and
  • get back to writing?

What if you never again had to confront a blank Mailerlite page?

You know you're supposed to email your list regularly.

Everyone says so.

But What are you supposed to email them?

It feels like you're just sending boring emails to people who don't want to get them...

And based on your open rates, if that wasn’t already true, it soon will be.

But what if it wasn't hard?

What if most of the work could be put on autopilot,
and all you had to do was land the plane?



The first-ever email content membership just for authors

let newsletter ninja provide your frameworks & content, plus all the tutorials and instruction you need to turn subscribers into superfans

Email Templates

Use our email templates and send the right email at the right time — regular campaigns, launch emails, book recommendations, list hygiene, cross-promotions, sales… Choose a template, then watch a video walkthrough of a sample email using that template, and you’ll never start with a blank page again!

Monthly calendar content

Holiday & observance content drops at the beginning of each month, including links to origin stories and suggested topics — plus editable Canva templates that you can alter to fit your branding and use in your emails or on social media!


Quick-pick prompts to get you started right now, personal stories, a tour of your catalog, and the powerful 4-part formula that sets you apart from the pack. New topics and prompts every 30 days!


Monthly live members-only calls for Q&A, and member email audits. Ask any question, get help with your most difficult problems, and submit your campaigns for critique and feedback.


coming January 2023

Study the Anatomy of an Email — subject lines, greetings, stories, segues, calls to action, and the almighty PS — then mix-and-match modular component swipes so you’re ready to write in just a few minutes.


coming January 2023

Learn the foolproof story-banking method that ensures you always have something cool to talk about — and the most compelling copy when you do!


Totally excited to get this sooooo cheap. I’m not a new author — I’ve been full-time for 6 1/2 years — but this is really going to help me up my newsletter game.

Daphne Loveling, USA Today bestselling romance author

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