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You know you need a reader magnet

You read Newsletter Ninja 2: If You Give a Reader a Cookie (right??), so you know that a good reader magnet can turn casual readers into superfans, and superfans into evangelists.

You know the right "Cookie" will help you:

(giant money pile not guaranteed. your mileage may vary. check with your doctor to make sure piles of money are right for you. do not use money if you are under the influence of intoxicants. objects in mirror are closer than they appear. do not roll around in giant piles of money if you have previously had an allergic reaction.)

But knowing and doing are two different things, especially when all the advice out there is overwhelming and confusing.

If only someone would just give you the information you need to craft killer bonus content that lures all the right readers to your mailing list signup, and turns all the wrong ones away at the door!


The First Ever
Newsletter Ninja
Cookie Challenge

Plan, plot, pen, and publish your brand-new reader magnet alongside a cohort of indie authors just like you — with weekly assignments and worksheets, daily accountability, and privately hosted community discussion areas!


The Newsletter Ninja Cookie Challenge WILL include the following Awesome Things:


A fully guided week of pre-planning and preparation, with a presentation on writing short and making your reader magnets irresistible, brainstorming sessions (recorded so people who can’t be there live can watch it later), and (of course), worksheets (blerksheets!).


Handholding throughout the challenge, with: daily check-ins, Zoom office hours to work (silently) together, accountability metrics (and a gentle ass-kicking if you’re not meeting your goals), and an online discussion space that is NOT Facebook (because f*ck that place, seriously) where you can compare notes, high-five each other, and ask for help when it’s not going so well.


A chance to win a free one-on-one consult with Tammi: get tech help setting up your reader magnet delivery, brainstorm next best steps to list-build with it, plan a complicated multi-cookie onboarding — whatever you need!


A 50% discount on a custom cover for your amazing new reader magnet — this will bring your cover cost down to less than $100.


Exclusive access to an extremely cool (and extremely free) new cross-promotion group — do your networking, marketing, swaps , and promotion with talented and brilliant Ninja alumni who are building their lists with all the sweet Ninja skillz they’ve learned from the books and courses!


A digital badge/avatar to use during the challenge, so that everyone who sees it will know that you are doing a Very. Cool. Thing.


A digital badge/avatar to use AFTER you’ve successfully completed the challenge, so you can tell all the haters who made fun of you in Awesome Thing #6 to suck it.

And Your host and leader will be the Newsletter Ninja herself, writing her own reader magnet right alongside you.

Hey, I'm Tammi

And I happen to be a ninja.

I’m the newsletter ninja who translates all that internet marketer… stuff… into strategies that work for you.

I’ve been doing this indie author thing for the better part of a decade now, and I understand your author newsletter needs — from list-building to automation to managing unsubscribes.

I've got you, fam.

6 weeks of fun + cool surprises

cookie stripes

Week One
March 7-11

Select your reader magnet type and make an outline (or not — pantsers gonna pants)! We've got worksheets to help you figure out what to write.

cookie white coco

Week Two
March 14-18

Order your cover—at a steep discount from one of our partners—and start writing. And don't forget to visit the forums every day for homework (ew) and writing prompts (yay)!

Week Three
March 21-25

The saggy middle! This is where our daily writing prompts will come in really handy. Plus we'll hold you accountable with daily word count check-ins.

Week Four
March 28-April 1

You're almost there! It's been a slog, but the end is in sight. Your fancy-schmancy word count tracker is almost full!

Week Five
April 4-8

Finish your writing, finalize your cover, and edit/proofread — or, if you're sick to death of reading your own words, trade an edit with someone else.

Week Six
April 11-15

Publish that cookie — with another steep discount from BookFunnel — and start collecting subscribers in an exclusive Ninja-only cross-promotion group!

But wait ... There's caveats!

I bet you didn’t see that coming, but we’ve already established that I’m not some dudebro marketer standing in front of a rented Lambo selling you empty dreams, right? There are always caveats, and I like to be up-front about them.

caveats are as follows:

  • I can’t guarantee that it will be 100% glitch-free, smooth, or free of mistakes and fumbles, because I’ve never done this before and I have to build some of it as we go. But most of the stuff I do ends up being pretty awesome anyway — plus Stacey and I have installed some super-sexy new software and I am feeling pretty great about that!
  • I can’t guarantee your results, because I can’t do the work for you. But I’m setting you up to succeed in a big way.
  • I can’t guarantee that the new networking and promo group will launch you to superstardom, because there are so many variables — and one that continues to plague us is a lopsided genre ratio. But I can tell you that everyone involved will have prescreened themselves by buying into the Newsletter Ninja philosophy, so at least you’ll know everyone there is ethical and willing to play the long game to build their army of superfans — and as the group grows, so will the number of folks in any given genre or subgenre.
  • I can’t guarantee that the haters who made fun of you up there in my brilliantly imagined Awesome Thing #7 will, in fact, suck it. But you’ll be so busy showing off your amazing new reader magnet that you probably won’t care.

What are people saying about Newsletter Ninja?

enrollment ends in ...


And ...

The challenge begins march 7th, so...

let's do this!

still not sure?

That’s okay, we get it. We may, at one time or another, have let a course signup page sit in a Chrome tab for two weeks while we fret and stew and dither…. Knowing we need something but not quite ready to pull the trigger.

If you’d like some help deciding, you can click the button below and watch a recording from Saturday’s webinar. Tammi chatted with the attendees about how to write a reader magnet — how to stick to genre conventions while still writing short enough to finish the dang thing and get back to writing — and gave them a decent but not great sales pitch for the course. (Tammi is exceptional at newsletters and absolute bollocks at selling things.)

Because this is the first-ever Cookie Challenge, we can’t tell you exactly what the course will be like, but you’ll certainly have the chance to see that Tammi knows what she’s talking about and she can walk you through it — in just six weeks.

Just click the button below and check it out!

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