Your newsletters are a hot mess.

✉︎ Lackluster launch emails…
✉︎ Sporadic send schedules…
✉︎ Plummeting open rates…

You’re confused about how to set up an automation.

You’re wondering what the hell to say to your subscribers.

You wish someone would just sit you down and tell you exactly what to do—and how to do it.

You need a black belt.


Not sure? Read on to find out more:

What is this?

It’s Newsletter Ninja’s first-ever Black Belt Workshop: a full-day author newsletter workshop! (Which is way more fun than it sounds, now that I see it typed out like that.)


Las Vegas!


Sunday, November 10th, 2019 (the Sunday before the 20Books Vegas conference *)


Your host is Tammi Labrecque—writer, teacher, coach, speaker, and author of Newsletter Ninja: How to Become an Author Mailing List Expert.


Because your newsletter isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

Because your open rates are down, your engagement is low, and you have no clue how to fix it.

Because you don’t know how to get the right people on your list, or what to do with them once they’re there.

And because you want to build an effective mailing list full of readers who love you and your books—superfans who will buy everything you write, on release day, at full price, every time.

What’s in it for me?

I’ll hold your hand through the process of creating the perfect mailing list. From the signup form to list hygiene, we’re going to cover it all. 

You’ll learn how to repel freebie-seekers and build a list of subscribers who eagerly await your next email—and your next release.

You’ll figure out how to write campaign emails that engage, and release emails that convert to sales—without sounding like a used car salesman.

You’ll decide how often to clear out the dead weight from your list, and how to convert unsubscribes to follows on other platforms.

You’ll leave with a seamless start-to-finish newsletter sign-up process,  a unique onboarding sequence, and twenty email templates designed from the ground up and customized for you—emails that will keep your newsletter growing and engaged for the next twelve months.

And you will, of course, be the envy of all your author friends (and the bane of your enemies, if that’s your sort of thing).

Do you think I’m ready for the Black Belt Workshop? 

Any author, at any stage of their publishing career, will learn a ton at the Black Belt Workshop—and have a great time doing it.

However, because the entire afternoon workshop is geared towards optimizing an existing list, the Black Belt Workshop will be most beneficial for people who already have a mailing list and at least one book. 


Still not sure? Here are the details:

What we know for sure:

What’s still up in the air:

What we’ll be doing:

What you should bring:

What you will leave with:


* Please note: The Black Belt Workshop is not affiliated with 20Books Vegas or any other arm of the 20Booksto50k® group.