Hey, there! I'm Tammi.

I’m the newsletter ninja who translates all that internet marketer... stuff... into strategies that work for you.

I’ve been doing this indie author marketing thing for the better part of a decade now, and I understand your author newsletter needs — from list-building to automation to managing unsubscribes. 

I’ve got you, fam.

Our Mission

For more than 5 years, we've been teaching authors like you how to get their marketing done and dusted so they can get back to writing.

Let's get you back to writing, too.


Years of teaching and coaching


one-on-one clients, including the biggest names in publishing




authors in our membership, Emails On autopilot

Our timeline


Our previous teaching program, Indie Publishing Intensive, gives way to a newsletter-specific course and services program. What to call it? Well, Newsletter Ninja, of course — that’s what everyone’s been calling Tammi since 2016.


  • The first Newsletter Ninja book is published and becomes a bestseller. 
  • David Gaughran declares Newsletter Ninja “Book of the Year.”
  • My first conference speaker invite: 20 Books Vegas!


  • The original Newsletter Ninja course is broken into two: Newsletter Ninja Basic and Newsletter Ninja Advanced. Twice as many students sign up.
  • I speak at 20 Books Vegas again.


  • Newsletter Ninja Basic and Newsletter Ninja Advanced continue to sell out every time I open them.
  • No conferences (obviously).


  • Rock Solid Foundation course launch. 
  • Newsletter Ninja Advanced is revisioned to Advanced Automations.
  • I speak at Romance Writers of America and 20 Books Vegas (again)!


  • Newsletter Ninja 2 is released and becomes a bestseller.
  • Newsletter Ninja Basic is revisioned to Author Newsletter Basics.
  • The Cookie Challenge is created and a record number of people sign up to write their reader magnets together in March and April.
  • Advanced Automations has its biggest launch ever. 
  • At 20 Books Vegas in November, we launch the beta version of our brand-new membership, Emails on Autopilot. 250 people join on Day One. 


  • Nora freakin’ Roberts hires us to migrate her mailing list from MailChimp to Mailerlite. 😵
  • We add AI-powered copy generators to Emails on Autopilot and open it to the long waiting list that we’ve accrued since November.
  • Upcoming: the final round of Advanced Automations!
  • Upcoming: a brand-new round of The Cookie Challenge!

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And when I'm not ninja-ing?

Hi ho hi ho hi ho,
we're heading out
to the punk rock show.

My youngest kiddo has been my little concert buddy since she was seven years old, and our particular favorite is British folk-punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner. Whether we’re camped out in line for twelve hours in 80-degree heat, taking selfies with our gig family, or meeting the man himself, this is my happy place.

"Colleagues and friends condescend with a smile, but this is my culture, man, this is my home."