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If you’re smart (and you are), you have a lot of questions about Newsletter Ninja. So let’s see if we can get some of them out of the way.

Who are you?
My name is Tammi Labrecque, and I’m an indie author, editor, and publisher. I write and publish my own books under a couple of pen names, and freelance in every related field, from plot doctoring to editing to ads management. I’ve been writing since I was a tween, was traditionally published in the olden days (the 90s), and I’ve been doing this indie publishing thing since 2014.

My superpower is knowing everything … or, more accurately, knowing someone who knows it. You might have seen me on the Self-Publishing Podcast, heard me speak or met me at the Smarter Artist Summit or 20 Books to 50K Vegas, or heard about me from clients like Chris Fox, David Gaughran, Wayne Stinnett, CN Crawford, or Dawn McKenna. I get around.

Oh, and I wrote a little book called Newsletter Ninja: How to Become an Author Mailing List Expert.

Knowing things doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at teaching them, though?
So true. In my case, however, I had an education minor in college, and have specific experience in one-on-one consulting and large-group video instruction with indie authors over the last several years. I know how to teach, and I especially know how to teach this.

What kind of author will benefit from Newsletter Ninja?
Every author would benefit from Newsletter Ninja—and I don’t say that lightly. I cover everything from the basics of how to choose an email marketing service all the way to optimizing list-building and autoresponders for experienced authors who need to take their already-good maiing list game to the next level.

Is Newsletter Ninja only for indies, or is it good for authors who publish with a traditional publisher?
As long as you control your own mailing list, Newsletter Ninja can help you.

Is Newsletter Ninja for fiction or nonfiction authors?
While more fiction authors seem to be interested in the class, nonfiction authors will also get a lot out of the class. One of my favorite students wasn’t a writer at all; she sold crochet patterns!

Are there any prerequisites to take Newsletter Ninja?
Nope. You might have a bit of a leg up if you’ve read the book, but even if you haven’t you will do just fine.

I’m from Australia/Japan/Venus/[REDACTED], and I can’t do one-on-one video calls during the US business day.
All one-on-one calls are scheduled by you—and since I don’t sleep anyway, your one-on-one should be able to be scheduled at your convenience, even on Venus.

Is Newsletter Ninja affiliated with the people or companies you work with?
Nope. This is me, individually. Right now, I’m running this under the aegis of my LLC, Larks & Katydids, the same business/financial entity that backs my editing and consulting work. Newsletter Ninja is not affiliated with Sterling & Stone, the Self-Publishing Podcast, my own pen names or co-authorships, any conference, or any of my individual clients. The Newsletter Ninja mailing list is separate from any other mailing list I run and your information will not be shared with anyone or any organization. All tuition goes to Larks & Katydids and, after expenses, on to the instructor (usually me).

So how much does Newsletter Ninja cost? Probably a lot, right?
Actually, no. Newsletter Ninja is in the process of transforming into two courses: one for authors at the beginning of their journey, and the other for more advanced issues, most specifically automations.The basic version will be very affordable, $99 or possibly even less. The advanced course will be considerably more high-touch, and will be more in the $399-499 range. Be sure to sign up for the waitlist, and I’ll let you know when the next sessions begin!

Do you receive or pay out affiliate money with the course?
Nope. No affiliate webinars, no kickbacks to people who recommend me, no kickbacks from services I recommend, no undisclosed affiliate links to services or sellers.

Here, take all my money!
I was hoping you’d say that. Click here to join the waitlist.

Any other questions? Shoot me an email and ask!