Hey all! I hope you’re as psyched as I am to dive into the July 2019 session of Newsletter Ninja!

This session will be the first session that I run on self-hosted course software, so that’s both exciting and terrifying. Thanks for being the guinea pigs for this, and be prepared for some glitches. My admin Sam moved and set up all the course content, and Sam is pretty brilliant, so hopefully everything will go off without a hitch … but I’ve learned never to count on that.

If I’ve done this properly, you should be able to access a new “lesson” and the “topics” associated with it every Monday. The last topic each week will be your homework assignment. That assignment asks for information some people won’t want to share with the group at large, so you’ll upload your answers to me only, and I’ll be able to access them for our one-on-one calls.

Important: There is a button at the lower right corner of every Lesson that says “Mark Complete”:

When you click that, you will automatically be advanced to the next lesson.

If you are looking at a lesson you have completed, that “Mark Complete” button will have changed to “Next Lesson,” and you will be able to advance either forward or back to review lessons:

You’ll also gain access to a special forum for your class only, where you’ll answer the questions at the end of each topic. That forum is currently open to you, and there is an Introductions thread. Other subforums and threads will appear as you need them. (I hope.) And if you get turned around or lost, you can always find your way home by clicking Courses or Forums in the top-right menu.

(Ignore everything said here about the forums. We were able to implement robust commenting on the Lessons themselves, so that eliminated the need to use the forum during the course. You will get access to the alumni forums when you’re done with class!)

As I said, some of this might go wonky. I can almost guarantee it. I will be babysitting the forums and my email inbox any time I’m not sleeping or driving, so if there are any issues I can fix them immediately.

But regardless of tech, we’re going to have an awesome month!

See you on Day One!

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