Download NN Learn Lesson 2 as a PDF

Your homework has two parts: 

  1. Send me your autoresponders (if you already have a sequence or sequences running). You can do this in any of a few ways:
    • Save each email in your sequence(s) as a Word doc or PDF and upload them below. Uploads are limited to 20, so if you have more than that, choose a different option.
    • Copy all your autoresponder emails into a single Word doc or PDF and upload that below.
    • Forward your autoresponder emails from within the dashboard of your EMS. Send them to option you choose, please include an explanation of how the sequence works (order of delivery, any branches or triggers, etc), and make sure the subject lines are in there somewhere. Better too much explanation than too little; my poor admin, Sam, has to collate all this and give it to me, so let’s throw them a bone. 💖If your sequence is insanely complicated, just send the emails and be prepared to screenshare with me during our call so I can look over the structure.If you don’t have any sequences set up yet, just send me your plans or even just some brainstorming for them, based on what you read in this lesson.
  2. Copy these questions into a document and upload those answers as well:
    • Group your books into 5 or fewer “works” (series, themes, worlds, chronology—any solid or even tenuous groupings). List them.
    • Do this again, but group them differently this time (if you grouped by series before, try theme—that sort of thing).
    • Do this one more time. (Yes, you have to do all three, even if it’s hard.)
    • Now that you’ve tried a few different ways, what do you think is the best way to lead a reader through your catalog in 3-5 emails? Why do you prefer it?
    • If I told you that order won’t work (for whatever reason), what would your second choice be? Why?
    • What is the link to your Author Central page, if you have one? Do this for each of your pen names.

If you haven’t already, this is a great time to schedule one or more of your one-on-one calls. Explanation for how to do that is here.

My admin, Sam, is the one who approves the homework uploads — they do this when they print them for me — so don’t be alarmed if it’s not approved right away.