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Level: Basic
Textbook: Newsletter Ninja

Are you struggling with email?

Imagine having a large list of happy readers who devour every email you send. Imagine launching a book and activating an army of fans who do the selling for you. You could be that person, with the help of the Newsletter Ninja — Basic course.

The Newsletter Ninja — Basic course is comprehensive, self-directed, and filled with insights about how to build an engaged email list and create superfans who will not only buy your books (on release day, at full price), but will evangelize about them to all their friends. This course will walk you step by step through how to implement all the things you read about in Newsletter Ninja but aren’t quite sure how to do.

In this course, you will:

  • Reframe your mailing list philosophy
  • Discover the best ways to build your list
  • Figure out who your subscribers actually are, and what they want
  • Learn how to keep your subscribers engaged and keep open rates high
  • Create a list of superfans who love you, rather than occasional readers who could take or leave you

And, along the way, you’ll learn about yourself, your readers, and what you’re really selling when you send an email—because (spoiler!) it’s not your books.

Just click the red button below to enroll, and start your journey from newsletter novice to newsletter ninja!