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You can rewatch the prerecorded training video below or download this PDF cheat sheet and walk through the steps that way.

(Or do both! I’m not the boss of you.)

You can watch Monday’s Q&A video below and download the chat transcript here.

You can watch Wednesday’s Q&A video below and download the chat transcript here.

You can watch Friday’s Q&A video below and download the chat transcript here.

Email Templates

These are pretty self-explanatory. Read through the templates, choose the style that’s closest to yours, and fill in/adjust copy as necessary. You can download them individually or download all five at once.

If none of them is exactly right, mix-and-match and then fill in any gaps with whatever comes naturally to you. You should be able get pretty close to done just with the content here, however.

Good luck, and happy list-cleaning!

If you usually talk to your subscribers like they’re your friends, then do that here as well. Just giving them a heads-up, easy-peasy lemon squeezy.


You just want to check in. Maybe they’ve been really busy, or maybe something’s going on with them; either way, you’d hate to take them off the list if they still want to be there.

This is the template for you if your relationship with your readers is one where you can be a little snarky with them (and be very sure it is, before you do it). They’re not reading your emails? You. Cannot. EVEN.


Humor is hard to pull off in writing, and broad humor even harder, so don’t go overboard. This template keeps it light, and pokes fun at you rather than your subscriber.


If you’re usually a “just the facts” kind of sender, this is no time to start having a whole personality about things. Just deliver the news of their impending doom in as few words as possible.

Five-style Bundle

If none of the styles is quite right, download all five styles and mix-and-match for emails that are perfectly you.

Bonus: SendFox How-To

Below is a very basic explanation of how to adapt this process if you use SendFox. It’s quite a bit more fiddly, but still doable.
  1. You can find unengaged subscribers using Advanced Search; here is a video which SHOULD be teed up to the relevant section (if not, it’s at 4:29):

  2. There’s no way to parse those people out and move them on the fly — though you CAN email them from this interface, so if that would be easier for you, go nuts.

    You’ll have to remember to manually send the following two emails, or perhaps you’ll decide not to do a whole sequence and just purge anyone who doesn’t click on that email and be done with it.

    (You have my blessing. Perfect is the enemy of done, and you have books to write.)

  3. If you DO want to proceed with the sequence, you’ll want to EXPORT that list of subscribers and put that export somewhere you can find it easily.

    Important note: One of the important pillars of GDPR is that you keep all subscriber information secure, so don’t keep that exported list just sitting around on your computer once you’re done with it. Either delete it and empty your trash, or password protect it either locally or in the cloud.

  4. Then you set up your winback sequence as seen here, creating a new List as the tutorial shows:

  5. Then, to get your chosen subscribers into the sequence, add that exported file from Step 1 to that List as the tutorial shows.
I hope that helps! I’ve never actually done this, but it seems straightforward, if somewhat annoying.

Other links

Should you wish to sign up, you can find my mailing list here:
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I have a very short free course on a few foundational elements you should have in place before building your newsletter:
Rock Solid Foundation

I have two paid courses, one basic and one more advanced:
Newsletter Ninja – Basic
Newsletter Ninja – Advanced

If none of that interests you, that’s fine too! I’m sure we’ll see one another here and there in the community, and I appreciate you taking time out of your day (and money out of your wallet) to learn with me today!